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Melanie's Ward

The money from the collection following Freya’s funeral was donated to Melanie’s Ward in the Children’s Hospital at the John Radcliffe in Headington.


Melanie’s Ward is dedicated to the care of adolescents. It is open 24 hours a day for parents and relatives, and there is space for a parent’s bed next to each inpatient bed. As well as offering excellent medical care, it was the most friendly and welcoming hospital ward Freya visited: she formed warm friendships with many of the nurses there, and kept them entertained with late night conversations.


Thanks to people’s generosity a donation of £1,397 was made to the ward.


In September 2010 more than 130 girls at Freya’s school again raised money for Melanie’s Ward. They baked cakes and made tea towels, and were able to donate £750 to the ward in her memory.

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