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Freya asked for Emily to be played on one of the cards that she left us. She said-

I want this played the most out of all my music; it's beautiful and reminds me of Helen and I. It's care and the beauty of things and classics.

Underneath this she drew a scattering of beautiful stars, and a thin crescent moon. The awe at the natural world and its transmutation through poetry that this song expresses is something I know Freya experienced deeply. She had the capacity to be “dumbstruck with the sweetness of being”. The song weaves around the lives of two sisters, and everything they share together. The tenderness it expresses is the tenderness I feel. — Helen Dudley

Emily, they'll follow your lead by the letter

and I make this claim,

and I'm not ashamed to say

I know you better

what they've seen is just a beam

of your sun that banishes winter.

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