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By Freya

Thing, shadow, reflection


Silk, Steel, Light


Tulips at Speed

Decaying amaryllis

Spaceship earth

Different textures





Most of these photos were taken by Freya in the last months of her life. The only equipment she used was a camera, film, and natural light; her only subjects were the few her illness left accessible to her. The images she made under these conditions are a testament to her remarkable creativity.


I know that Freya would not have chosen the same set of images as I have done to represent her. We discussed how our judgement differed when I suggested helping her shortlist images for an exhibition. But I think she would have been happy with this selection, even though she would have disagreed with some of the choices: sadly I have no idea which.


Freya was meticulous in processing her photographs for publication, minutely tuning every aspect of an image until she was satisfied. I cannot hope to emulate her particular judgement, and have not tried: these images have undergone basic processing, and obvious crops, but that is all.

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